Meet Arc Hospitality Recruitment

Meet Arc Hospitality Recruitment, a forward-thinking staffing agency in the United Kingdom. 

Arc has seven offices dispersed nationwide. They have managers running each office who are responsible for day-to-day staffing, team members that coordinate staffing and jobs operations, and thousands of employees that are constantly being recruited, booked and scheduled.

ARC 01 (1)Lizzie Wright is the Area Manager at Arc Hospitality Recruitment. One of Lizzie’s responsibilities is researching the market for new opportunities and integrating new technologies into Arc’s working system, like their recent partnership with Fountain, the hiring platform for hourly employees.

Lizzie shared with us how she uses Ubeya to manage her team, her staffing processes and her day-to-day tasks. She also explains how Ubeya helps Arc Hospitality Recruitment overcome many of the staffing challenges imposed by the circumstances of Covid-19.

Ubeya has changed things in such a positive way for our staffing company.

Lizzie Wright Area Manager, Arc Hospitality Recruitment


Challenges of Staff Management

Before finding Ubeya, Lizzie and the Arc Hospitality Recruitment team were using another staffing system that was good, but it was much more manual. It primarily gave Arc the ability to schedule their numerous staff members using the calendar feature.

Lizzie says that there were three major problems with their old system: 1) communication 2) location and 3) centralisation.

ARC 02

The problem with communication

Even with the last system that Arc was using before they found Ubeya, their staff still had to contact and email their managers in order to get booked for a specific job.

This meant that there were still multiple phone calls and emails back and forth that Arc's old system was unable to eliminate. Managers found themselves spending most of their time just trying to communicate, book and confirm with staff instead of concentrating on other more productive tasks.

A day before the job, the Arc team would send out numerous email reminders to each of their employees, chasing the emails back in to make sure that all of the employees were updated, were reminded and had confirmed their commitment. All forms of contact were done manually before Arc began using Ubeya's mobile scheduling app to help connect to their staff.


The problem with location

Lizzie says that Ubeya has been essential in helping the Arc team easily manage staff from afar and remotely by providing a designated mobile app for the managerial team and a mobile app for staff.


 “Location isn't a hurdle. With the technology we have now, we don’t need to be based in an office anymore.”


Like many other businesses that have been influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been a strange time for Arc Hospitality Recruitment. Now, says Lizzie, “We’re confirming whether staff have been booked and confirmed, and whether staff have arrived, directly from our phones.”

The ability to recruit, schedule, track, pay and manage staff all directly from Ubeya's mobile app has been especially useful to Arc's operations, which otherwise would have been limited even further by Covid-19.


“Ubeya has completely changed the way we deal with location and staffing.” 


“We used to be very location-centric,” Lizzie says. “Everything was done in the local offices and was very manual - calling, constant emails, confirming with staff, then again checking emails.” 

Staffing levels before the Covid-19 pandemic were obviously much higher than what the current situation permits today, so back then Arc was staffing around 200 to 300 staff per branch each Saturday. Lizzie and the other managers were traveling to individual sites to ensure the staff had arrived and were there on time.

“We were literally sitting there, highlighting a piece of paper with names to track who was working and when they arrived,” Lizzie says laughing. “It sounds so crazy now… but it was so normal then!”


“Now with Ubeya I can confirm that staff have arrived on site in London via at home in Liverpool.”


Lizzie says that although many of these on-site check ins will still occur going forward, the flexibility that Ubeya gives Arc allows them the opportunity to continue to grow as a business.


The problem with centralisation

The main issue, says Lizzie, is the lack of centralisation when it came to the processes involving their staffing operations.

Arc's old system only permitted them so much flexibility and automation. Everything else was done manually by the Arc team.

After chasing down confirmations, sending emails, and tracking staff at the actual job site, managers still had the tedious work of entering all the job and employee details manually into the system. 

What Arc needed was a solution that was more than just an easy way to schedule employees. The team needed a software that would act as the foundation of their operations, allowing them to manage and control their processes from the moment they hired employees to booking them, reminding them, tracking their hours, paying them and more.

Arc began searching through the market to find other solutions that could work better for their large staffing company. The other software that Arc used did not have the automation that Ubeya offers to manage and fulfil bookings quickly and efficiently.

Luckily, Arc's detailed research paid off when the company came across Ubeya's employee management platform for hourly, temp and part-time workers.

Using Ubeya to Scale Despite Covid-19

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Arc Hospitality Recruitment, like many other companies in the staffing sector, had to furlough some of its team members.

But this hasn’t stopped the staffing and recruitment company from continuing to work in more efficient and smarter ways.

"There are things that we’ve been wanting to do for ages, we’ve been able to put into place during this time,” says Lizzie.

How has Ubeya helped Arc manage their staff despite the limitations of Covid-19?

ARC 03

clear communication From the top-down

For Lizzie, Ubeya's in-app communication and chat channel is one of her favorite features as a manager.  “The chat function makes communication so much easier for us," she says.

Lizzie and her team at Arc have got their hands full with 9 to 10 hours a day of work involving staffing, if not more. “We use Ubeya to communicate with one another and with staff all the time.”

Lizzie and her team are able to constantly and consistently stay in touch with employees and chat with them at their convenience regarding anything that has to do with their jobs and schedules.

Team members and managers at Arc are no longer spending hours entering in job data or chasing down employees on the phone like they used to. Now, despite the unavoidable restrictions of Covid-19, Arc has actually seen a huge increase in employee engagement. And after all, keeping staff engaged is just good business!

Lizzie explains that it is because their staff are getting immediate responses to job requests and getting booked straight away using Ubeya's app.

The user feed section has also helped improve staff engagement, as Arc's staff can log into the app and view updates like they would on a social media account. It has made sharing important documents, newsletters and survey really easy and helped staff part of a wider community.

“Our staff like this engagement,” says Lizzie, “They react very positively."


"In today’s world where everyone expects immediate answers, Ubeya provides our staff with an immediate availability to jobs.”


Lizzie says that she and her team find Ubeya especially useful for last minute bookings that may have been difficult to fill in the time before Ubeya. "Contacting staff with the ease of push notifications allows quick responses and information on staff's availabilities in only a few minutes!"


hours saved by Ubeya

Before using Ubeya to find, schedule and track their staff, Arc was spending an average of 4 to 5 hours per shift just on booking their staff! Hours were then again spent on just confirming with scheduled staff, sending out reminders and keeping everyone updated.

“Now with Ubeya,” says Lizzie, “ we're doing it all in a drastically lower amount of time."

ARC 04When asked how many times a day she personally uses Ubeya, Lizzie answered, “Every hour, every day."

Lizzie believes that after the furlough ends and the full team returns, all of the staff management operations that have been expedited by Ubeya will be even faster and better.


Why You Recommend Ubeya

Lizzie says that she recommends Ubeya for any company working with any kind of staffing. “We started our new business Arc Recruitment for industrial, warehouse, office, farming, essentially any kind of temp work. There is no difference in how we use Ubeya in each of the industries we staff,” says Lizzie. 


“Anyone can use this system. Ubeya has the capacity to be flexible with any kind of staffing you’re looking for.” 


Your favourite staff management feature

Lizzie says her favorite part of using Ubeya is that staff are able to access everything they need about their schedules and shifts directly from their phones.

“The way our staff use Ubeya to apply for and book shifts - not only saves us time, but gives staff clear and concise information all in one place!”

Before Ubeya, the Arc team had to manage all the manual aspects of the job.

“We’re not getting anymore phone calls from staff asking, ‘What’s the uniform again?’ ‘What time am I supposed to arrive?’ It’s right there in their phones!”ARC 05

The way that Ubeya's solution automatically saves information, integrating with external useful apps like Google Maps, provides the staff with clear directions.

As a manager, Lizzie especially loves having the ability to send push notifications. “People don’t ignore their phones nowadays,” she says, “it’s not an email that you don’t pay attention to. People reply really quickly. Our staff respond immediately and it makes their work - and our jobs - a lot easier.”

With Ubeya’s automated notifications and reminders, staff don’t forget about shifts, dress codes, and other important information. 


“Just being able to have all of our information in one place is a lifesaver!”


Transitioning to New Technology

The Arc team did a free demo with Ubeya’s account managers, followed by a  14 day free trial of the system. Ubeya’s software seemed to be exactly what they had been looking for in order to make their jobs a whole lot easier and their team more efficient.

But with a huge enterprise staffing company like Arc, it can seem daunting to make that transition to a new tech system. Arc quickly realized that Ubeya was a platform that went above and beyond when it came to helping get both managers and employees on board.

ARC 06“We did a training day with Ubeya’s team,” says Lizzie. “They flew in to show how to use the system in a group session. having the team directly there to ask specific questions and get immediate answers really helped the transfer and implementation period into our operation.”

Arc decided to try out Ubeya’s solution while keeping their old software in play. Even with all of the staffing work Arc was juggling before the pandemic, says Lizzie, it didn’t take long to transfer all of Arc’s database of employee information, jobs, clients and schedules. It only took 4 weeks for them to stop using their old system completely and move all staffing operations to Ubeya.


"With Ubeya, the changes we were looking to make in 3 years we’ve made in 3 months.”


The old system worked for Arc, says Lizzie. “However, we were constantly looking to make improvement and developments and we realised we needed a technology solution that allowed us to do that."

With Ubeya, things are different. “From the very first day with Ubeya, it was ‘we can do that’.” Lizzie feels that the knowledge is extensive on all sides of the Ubeya team. “The honesty and transparency of the team really helps.”


“Ubeya works exactly how we want it to. It has changed our experience working with softwares.”


Lizzie explains that in the past, they were “changing our processes to fit our old system.” Now with Ubeya, it’s exactly the opposite, and Lizzie and her team at Arc are looking forward to continuing to grow their staffing business alongside Ubeya's employee management software.


Written by Leor Bareli, Marketing Manager at Ubeya

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